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NABKISAN Finance Limited (NKFL) is governed by an independent Board of Directors with due representation of experts in financial regulation and administration, banking and rural development. The present Board of Directors constitute ten directors, four directors from NABARD, one from Government of Tamilnadu, one from Indian Bank and four Independent Directors. The directors have diverse and rich experience in Agriculture banking, Social Banking, Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation, Women Empowerment etc apart from having appropriate educational qualifications and personal achievements.

The present board of directors are:

Shri. Shaji KV Director and Chairman of the Board Deputy Managing Director NABARD HO, Mumbai
Shri Nilay D Kapoor Director Chief General Manager NABARD HO, Mumbai
Shri. T.Ramesh Director Chief General Manager NABARD HO, Mumbai
Shri. Arunraj, IAS Director Deputy Secretary Government of Tamilnadu
Shri Amrendra Kumar Shahi Director General Manager (RBD) Indian Bank, CO, Chennai
Shri. Ashok Kumar Yadav Independent Director    Sector Expert
Shri. Vijay Sardana Independent Director    Sector Expert
Shri. Alok Bhargava Independent Director    Sector Expert
Shri. Arindom Datta Independent Director    Sector Expert
Shri. Deepak Singhal Independent Director    Sector Expert
Smt. Suseela Chintala Managing Director & CEO Chief General Manager NABARD HO, Mumbai